Saves hassle.....saves time.....and saves you money!

Convenience  No more hunting around for spare boxes. We deliver our plastic moving boxes, you move, then we pick up the crates and you forget about them! The last thing you need after a move is dealing with the disposal of all your used boxes after unpacking.

Cost  Hiring from Crates2u is more cost efficient than buying cardboard boxes from most suppliers.   

Efficiency  All our plastic moving boxes stack up inside each other and take up minimal space. Being uniform in size they can be packed and stacked until moving time and fit perfectly into removal vans. We supply moving skates (dollys) and trolleys to make the move go as efficiently as possible with minimal lifting required.  

Strong & Secure  Our crates are made from heavy duty, weatherproof plastic and can be secured shut with cable ties for added peace of mind. Your personal items will be safe from damage and no messy tape required.   

Environmentally friendly  Plastic moving boxes re-used many times, over and over again saving the need for disposal and recycling.   

They're clean!   Every crate is spotless for transporting your precious cargo and the the dust associated with traditional cardboard boxes is eliminated. The last thing you want after unpacking is to find you have to then clean your items.