Plastic Moving Boxes Sydney

 Steps to hire Plastic Moving boxes

    1. Book the Boxes online at

    2. We deliver the boxes to your current house

    3. No tapping or assembly required as our crates are readymade moving boxes. Simply pack your items per room in your house. Fill the box, close the lid, label your packed box and your are done.

    4. Once boxes and packed and stacked. you can hire removals or do it yourself. Our moving dolly comes in handy. Crates2u boxes makes moving very easy compare to traditional cardboard moving boxes.

    5. When your finished unpacking, you can stack up moving boxes to one area as they don't take much room once they are stacked. We will pick up on your schedule pickup date.

Plastic moving boxes Sydney


Benefits for hire or rent Plastic Moving Boxes

  • No More Hassle moving Your Home

  • No Searching for Boxes

  • No Assembly Required

  • No more Crushed Boxes

  • No Issues Stacking boxes

  • No mess or cleaning required, good for environment 


Crates2u Deliver the Removalists Sydney plastic boxes to your current house. its very easy to save time packing the boxes, while keeping the cost down and help the environment while using plastic moving boxes. We provide all moving supplies to handle any size move. When you are finish unpacking there is no after move clean up and we will pick at your schedule pick up date.

plastic moving boxes hire


Why Hire Plastic Moving Boxes ?

No one enjoys when you have to prepare yourself for moving house and the responsibility of going to cardboard shop and buy them.

All of us has almost been to the cardboard shop. looking at the aisles and looking at different size cheap and expensive cardboard box. Which box and how many should you buy and having the doubts that are they going to be enough or maybe purchased too much.

After leaving the shop we all had that feeling that did I really spend a lot of money on cardboard box, tape and other moving supply.