Cheap Moving Boxes In Sydney

Why Buy Cardboard boxes when you can use Crates2u Cheap Plastic Moving Boxes for Hire In Sydney

Are you moving your Home or Office then you should consider that do you really want to buy one time use cardboard box ? 

Crates2u provides strong plastic moving boxes which are sturdy and easy to pack and stack. Recycled nature of our boxes is cost effective and time saving as they are readymade boxes with interlockable lids
We deliver and pick up moving boxes all around Sydney. Once you have unpacked your stuff we come and pick up.
When you buy cardboard box, you have to make the boxes and tape them but with Crates2u Plastic moving boxes doesn't require tapping. 
No more worrying about how to disposed the cardboard boxes or wait for each week for recycle bin to get empty so you can get rid of cardboard box which you purchased when you moved house. 
Crates2u have different packages to suits your needs. Our packages comes from Customer experience as after the lease we asked them that the boxes you have hired were enough? 

Crates2u Moving boxes are Cheaper compare to traditional cardboard boxes

If we do comparison between cardboard boxes and Plastic moving boxes you will find Crates2U moving crates are cheaper as you do not have to go to cardboard spend time travelling or wait for weekend to go and buy cardboard boxes.
Crates2u Deliver to your current house and We pick up from your new house. 
We have all the moving supplies like Bubble Wrap, Packing Paper, Mattress Cover and trolleys.
Our Studio package starts from $115 comes with 25 boxes, a dolly, a marker and labels.
Crates2u moving boxes are stackable which doesn't take much space in your house. Removalists in Sydney love our boxes as they can stack and organise their truck very nicely. 

Why Hire boxes/crates from Crates2u

  • Crates2u Provide clear upfront cost of hire moving boxes. We try to provide best customer experience possible. 
  • We are flexible with your box hire. if you would like to extend the box hire. all you have to do is Email, Text or Call us. and we will happily update your pick up date. we have fixed extra week hire price.
  • Crates2u moving boxes are strong not flimsy like cardboard box which will not collapse. Our boxes have handles on the side which makes them easy to carry. 
  • Our boxes are made from industrial grade plastic which make them easier to move in wet weather as they have solid plastic base which will not collapse like cardboard box. 
  • no more clean up cost after moving your house. moving itself is already hard work and after that you wouldn't want to worry about how to get rid of cardboard boxes as they take a lot of space in garage.
  • We provide best moving experience possible! hire moving boxes online at