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Collection - $65

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Delivery - $65

2045 , 2046 , 2111 , 2112 , 2114 , 2127 , 2128 , 2129 , 2131 , 2132 , 2133 , 2134 , 2135 , 2136 , 2137 , 2138 , 2140 , 2141 , 2144 , 2190 , 2191 ,2039

Delivery - Zone 2 - $85



Collection - Zone 2 - $85



Studio 1 Week

Ideal for Studio or a Room in a share accommodations. Moving boxes delivered to your house or apartment. Our boxes are 68litres. We deliver the plastic moving boxes so you don't have to go and buy boxes and after your move worry about where to get rid of cardboard boxes. Hire plastic moving boxes will provide great moving experience as you do not have to make the boxes and use the tape. Our moving boxes are readymade so saves time when you pack your house.

Mattress Cover - Queen

Keep your mattress free from dust and dirt. Ideal for moving or storage


Delivery - Zone 3 - $105



1 Bedroom 1 Week

35 boxes for one week hire

One Bedroom pack is ideal for one bedroom house or apartment. normally people hire 2-3 days in advance before moving day and 3-4 days to unpack plastic moving boxes. hire plastic moving boxes in Sydney deliver the boxes to your current house or apartment and pick up from your new place. hire moving boxes in Sydney is convenient and efficient way to move in Sydney. 


Collection - Zone 3 - $105




No need to fold clothes. Simply hang up and move in a strong and clean port-a-robe



Move the crates around your house once packed. Simply stack on the dolly (5 high is the recommended limit) and push them to free up space or prepare for the big move

Bubble Wrap 5m (500mm wide)

Use our bubble wrap to protect your valuables and fragile items. You may also want to use it to wrap item if you are moving yourself. Each roll is 500mm wide x 5m long.


Packing Paper

Packing / Butchers paper to wrap items or fill voids in boxes to protect fragile pieces. 1kg bundle


Bubble Wrap 5m (750mm wide)

Larger width bubble wrap is ideal for wrapping flat screen televisions, fridges, coffee tables, etc. ready for transport. Each roll is 750mm wide x 5m long.


1 Bedroom 2 Weeks

35 boxes for two weeks hire

Our One bedroom pack is for one bedroom house or unit. People hire for two week as they are busy during the week and they would like to pack and unpack during weekends. Plastic moving Boxes are very handy when it comes to moving house.


Studio 2 Week

Hire moving boxes delivered to your house. Rental moving boxes in Sydney are cheaper than buying cardboard boxes. Easy to pack and stack. Crates2u moving crates are strong, readymade moving boxes which will not collapse in wet weather as it has solid plastic bottom. Moving house or office can be a big job with Crates2u plastic moving boxes no after move clean up required. Moving crates hire will keep your valuable belongings safe and organised. Traditional cardboard box can crushed or collapse with heavy weight compare to our plastic moving boxes will hold the heavy weight.

Hand Trolley

Save your back and rent a hand trolley to move larger items like drawers, fridges, etc


2 Bedroom 1 Week

Ideal for two bedroom house or apartment. Crates2u deliver and pick up plastic moving  boxes in Sydney. As our moving boxes are readymade boxes its easy to save the time on packing and help the environment compare to using cardboard box. We provide moving supplies to handle any size move. When you are finished unpacking, We pick moving boxes at your convenience.


Studio 3 Week

25 moving boxes are ideal for Small studio or share accommodation house or unit. Crates2u deliver to your current place and pick up from new place. Our moving boxes are readymade boxes which are easy to pack and stack. Strong and sturdy moving boxes delivered to you.

Mattress Cover - Single

Keep your mattress free from dust and dirt. Ideal for moving or storage


Mattress Cover - King

Keep your mattress free from dust and dirt. Ideal for moving or storage (increased thickness cover for king mattress cover)


3 Bedroom 2 Weeks

Moving crate hire in Sydney is easy to pack your belongings and stack them nicely. Once you are finished unpacking moving boxes Sydney can stacked nicely inside each other as moving crates are nestable. Crate hire for moving are efficient and handy boxes to hire. Moving crates will not crushed like cardboard box in wet weather. hire moving crates means you don't have to go shop and buy them as we deliver and pick up.

1 Bedroom 4 Weeks

35 boxes for 4 weeks hire

Our One bedroom pack provides 30 plastic moving boxes and one Dolley. Crates2u moving boxes are easy to pack your house and when you are finished unpacking you can stack then nicely in the corner of your house or garage. when you hire moving boxes and don't have to worry about disposing cardboard box. We provide free labels and cable ties to secure the box. eco-friendly moving boxes are cheaper then buying cardboard box. saving you time by going to shop to buy them. efficient readymade moving boxes boxes can save a lot of time when packing your house of office.


1 Bedroom 3 Weeks

35 boxes for 3 weeks hire

Our One bedroom pack provides 30 plastic moving boxes and one Dolley. the moving crates are strong and made of thick recycled plastic. our moving boxes are easy to pack and stack. Hire plastic moving boxes means we deliver to house or office and pick up when you are finished with unpacking. Strong plastic box are great to move your house or office. Reusable nature of our green moving boxes are better for environment compare to single use cardboard box. 


6 Bedroom 2 Weeks


4-5 Bedroom 4 Weeks


4-5 Bedroom 1 Week


3 Bedroom 4 Weeks


2 Bedroom 3 Weeks

Environmental friendly Hire moving boxes in Sydney. Our moving boxes comes with Dolley, labels and cable ties. moving boxes are easy to pack and saves time. We deliver and pick up the boxes in Sydney.

Collection - Zone 4 - $120


Delivery - Zone 4 - $120



Studio 4 Week

Moving house can be a hard and time consuming. Crates2u boxes are time saving. Once you have moved then stack nicely to save up the space in your house. Our moving boxes are strong boxes which means no more tapping and crushed boxes.

2 Bedroom 4 Weeks

Crates2u deliver moving boxes in Sydney. Our Plastic moving boxes are readymade boxes. Boxes has interlocking lid and lockable with cable ties. Crates2u provide smart, Convenient and sustainable way to move your house.

6 Bedroom 4 Weeks


6 Bedroom 3 Weeks


6 Bedroom 1 Week


4-5 Bedroom 3 Weeks


4-5 Bedroom 2 Weeks


3 Bedroom 3 Weeks


3 Bedroom 1 Week

Our moving boxes in Sydney are made from tough, heavy-duty plastic to ensure house move can be easy and safe during the transit. Plastic moving boxes can be used over and over again. they get clean and sanitised after use. our boxes are cheaper then buying cardboard boxes.

2 Bedroom 2 Weeks

Our Plastic moving boxes are made for making your move easier. Our moving crates are weatherproof and designed from the the ground up to keep your belongings safe in wet weather compare to cardboard boxes. Moving boxes have interlocking lids, they are stackable and made with heavy duty plastic. Removalists in Sydney love using our plastic moving boxes as they can stack nicely in the truck.